New York Chronicle: 1769

New York ChronicleI1Monday5/8/1769 
New York ChronicleI2  p. 15/16 has piece missing
New York ChronicleI3   
New York ChronicleI3  2nd copy
New York ChronicleI4  p. 31/32 torn
New York ChronicleI5  Binding error: p.35/36 after 37/38; p.39/40(?) has piece missing
New York ChronicleI6  Missing pages, only has p. 41-42, 47-48
New York ChronicleI7  MISSING
New York ChronicleI8   
New York ChronicleI9  Missing p. 67/68
New York ChronicleI10  Small piece torn off
New York ChronicleI11  p. 87/88 has piece missing
New York ChronicleI12  p. 95/96 has piece missing
New York ChronicleI13   
New York ChronicleI14  p. 111/112 has piece missing
New York ChronicleI15  Binding error: p.115/116 after 117/118
New York ChronicleI16   
New York ChronicleI17   
New York ChronicleI18  p. 143/144 has piece missing
New York ChronicleI19  p. 151/152 has piece missing
New York ChronicleI20  Text cut off top of p. 157; p. 159/160 has piece missing
New York ChronicleI21   
New York ChronicleI22   
New York ChronicleI23  Missing pp.179-182
New York ChronicleI24  p. 191/192 or 193/194 has piece missing, the other is missing entirely; Missing p. 199/200
New York ChronicleI25  MISSING
New York ChronicleI26  p. 207/208 torn
New York ChronicleI27   
New York ChronicleI28  MISSING
New York ChronicleI29   
New York ChronicleI30 (?)  Two different numbers printed: 31 at top of page and 30 on masthead [no. 30 seems to be correct]; pagination errors: 1st page has no number, 231, 331, and 229 [should be pp. 229-232]
New York ChronicleI31  MISSING
New York ChronicleI32   
New York ChronicleI33   
New York ChronicleI34   
New York ChronicleI35   
New York ChronicleI36   
New York ChronicleI37  p. 255/256 has piece missing
New York ChronicleI38   
New York ChronicleI39   


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