Independent Reflector: 1752-1753

Independent Reflector IThursday11/30/1752Small hole and small hole/tear p. 1/2 (all repaired); small tear/hole and small piece missing p. 3/4 (repaired); small tears all pages (repaired)
Independent Reflector XXXVIIThursday8/9/1753Small holes, small tear/hole; and small tears p. 147/8 (all repaired); p. 150 misnumbered 105; small holes, small pieces missing, and small tears p. 149/[50] (all repaired)
Independent Reflector XXXIXThursday8/23/1753Large piece missing and small pieces missing from p. 155/6 (all repaired); small holes, tear, and small pieces missing p. 157/8 (all repaired)


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