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7/1/2003 2:53 PM 5962950 Federal Hall Late 18th Century from History of The New York Society Library by Austin Baxter Keep.jpg
8/6/2003 12:39 PM 11532494 Federal Hall Washington's Inauguration from The Iconography of Manhattan Island by I.N. Phelps Stokes.jpg
1/20/2007 12:06 PM 2110955 First_Charging_Ledger 008.jpg
5/20/2010 11:51 AM 7226556 Mount Vernon & NYSL from left MV Head Librarian Joan Stahl MV President James C. Rees NYSL Chair Charles G. Berry.jpg
5/20/2010 12:26 PM 944758 NYSL and Mount Vernon Washington Overdue Book Press Kit May 2010.pdf
5/20/2010 12:13 PM 902353 NYSL Head Librarian Mark Bartlett with Vattel's The Law of Nations.JPG
5/20/2010 11:52 AM 2801859 The Law of Nations by Emer de Vattel.JPG